Opvolgaudit door SLV-Duisburg voor Unbranded

Voor Unbranded, gevestigd op het mediapark in Hilversum, is een EN1090-1 certificering onnodig. Echter vragen de Duitse klanten van Unbranded wel om een Lascertificaat conform EN1090-2 voor staal/RVS en EN1090-3 voor aluminium. SLV-Duisburg heeft onlangs de opvolgaudit van de in 2017 behaalde Lascertificaten uitgevoerd.

Alle auditpunten werden door de auditor positief beoordeeld. Als leidraad diende het handboek welke voldoet aan de eisen van de EN1090-2 en EN1090-3 hoofdstuk 4 ‘Kwaliteitsdocumentatie van de Bouwer’. Unbranded heeft haar lascoördinator tevens als examinator aangesteld. Hierdoor kunnen alle lasserskwalificaties in eigen beheer uitgevoerd worden.

Over Unbranded

The history of Unbranded goes back to the 1950s, when the first set builders started working for the Dutch Television Foundation (NTS), the current NOS.

At the end of the 80s our company split off as NPB Decor with its own unique vision and identity. Passion and love for our profession continued, while we continued to build under the name United Decor in 2005. Based on the manual work we do which we are still proud of we chose the name HollandseHanden in 2011. We have been Unbranded since 2015. A name that tells us that it is not about us, but about your brand and message. We work behind the scenes to make your brand fascinating. With more than 60 years of experience, we have built up a broad basis of knowledge and we still show enthusiasm and evolutionary craftsmanship on a daily basis.

Creating Experience for brands, producers of TV programs, museums, retail & events. With high quality decorative work, interactive technology and a broad range of materials, we entertain, seduce and create a magical experience for the clients of our clients.  For more than half a century this has been a fascinating quest for pushing back the bounds of what is possible, always in search of the impossible. 

Experience build The result hinges upon involvement and we are eager to not only be inspired by every story, but also to be fascinated by surprising innovations. We believe that this is the key to a successful result, because fascination leads to the most emotional form of involvement.

We will promise to continue to create experiences that provide meaning and value ​​and promise to bring your story to life with a considerable dose of innovation including a box full of passion and motivation, as we did before for … https://unbranded.nl/